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rb, Mountain Grove

I firmly believe that the agenda behind the US government facade is beyond the reach of the citizen. You don't become Ceaser fullfilling the needs of the masses,although that was the concept at the framing of the constitution,but it evolved over time into a present incomprehensible (for the average citizen-do as your told through our laws) form of so called government for good of the people of our nation. Sure.

rb, Mountain Grove

Absolutely! The slowly emerging through incrementilism, global police state, which in fact is investigating (pun intended) the latest high technology in reading people in the name of "crime prevention" tools which at it's current pace put an end to individualism and it's inherent rights.

rb, Mountain Grove

The intellectual generally has the higher education, broad experience, and the ability to view the interaction of the masses non-biased, versus the emotional passion of the limited common indivdual, without these traits.

RB, Mountain Grove

This is why I show my kids why education beyond high school is so important. To learn to understand. You know the government leaders understand this and to dumb down the citizenry would be most beneficial to them. Ceaser reinvented for our more modern times?????

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