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Ralph Searer, ElkhartRalph Searer, Elkhart
Ralph Searer, Elkhart

I do not know if Bernie Sanders is Pink, Red, Green, or Red White and Blue. But this I do know; look at the list of members in the Council on Foreign Relations and you will see many that are part of the media. Then read "How the World Really Works" by Alan Jones, It is a good summary of the many various groups that are gaining control over the the decision making of our government. I confess that when I was in may late 30's I was also skeptical about this "New World Order" thing. But a friend provided a few books for me to read and I was in complete denial. I thought I had to prove to myself that our nation was not being manipulated. What I found was, knowledge has a price. I could not find any evidence to show that the CFR was anything positive and I was getting more and more depressed. And it is obvious now the reason most people don't want to search out the truth is they are afriad it may not be what they want to find. I now could list of dozens of books for you to read that provide evidence that Bernie Sanders quote is only a small fraction of how the CFR is manipulating America. But I warn you this truth comes at a very personal price.

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