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Raymond Howard, Mentone, Ca.Raymond Howard, Mentone, Ca.
Raymond Howard, Mentone, Ca.

There is a fine line between love and hate, and of hate, it is usually what you find in yourself that causes antipathy towards someone else, or group or nation. Elie Wiesel attempts to suggest that there was indifference in Germany to the plight of the Jew. His ethnocentric concern...the Jew! Now he appears on Oprah Winfrey, (May 24th adn 25th and reviews the camp of Auswitch and "his" experience. Beyone this, the show "showcases" attrocities in Rwanda where "survivors" of that smirch on humanity come forward and amongst them write along with other "endurers" of outrageous social, usually inner city conflicts write about their empathy with "Night.", and receive first $5,000.00 scholarships from Elie Wiesel through the writing contest, and then matched by Oprah Winfrey for a total of each awarded participant $10,000.00. Wonderful, we can write about "Never forgetting" the "Holocaust", a term originally derived at the alter in Jerusalem much prior to 70 A.D. of which was the last officiation of such sacrifice of Jewish Priests being the Romans tore down the Temple after slaughtering most of the Temple magnates more for their "politics" than their religion! It's the cause of "never let it happen again" which is moronic! As long as there are people in the world like Elie Wiesel self absorbed in ethnocentricity that is just as bad as any German, Hispanic etc. there is going to be no end to the murder and mayhem on the grand scale of geopolitics!

Raymond Howard, Mentone, Ca.

I have a diffidence to Elie Wiesel, and it is his fraudulent claims that give him earmark celebrity persona. To Dick in Fort Worth, it is his inconsistencies in "Night" that draw the most attention. When the Germans have Crematoriums, why douse bodies in piles with gasoline and burn them? Makes no "logical" sense! Beyond this, there is a quote of my own, start chanting to yourself as Elie should quoting me, "There are none so oppressed as those obsessed!" Also, there are very few conspiracies, instead "The next best thing to conspiracy is complacency!" Think about how many Jews are complacent to Zionism, and then you'll see where the problem lies. I'm not talking the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" at all, but again, "The next best thing to conspiracy is complaceny!"

Raymond Howard, Mentone, Ca.

It is obvious the source of this comment, and it being Fredrich Nietzche as well as existing in Heidiger's Philosophy!

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