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Robert Edward, Vero BeachRobert Edward, Vero Beach
Robert Edward, Vero Beach

RBE is spot on, though perhaps a little heavy on the "Most". As far as government is concerned "most" does apply. And, as we are responsible for electing those in government, the people are complicit by association. I would rather say most people are ignorant of the truth, ignorant of current affairs, ignorant of many other important elements of life; this is the root of the current problem that faces America. Just look at the recent News report that a massacre took place in Jewish synagogue in the city of Pittsburgh and the outrage by the media and social media yet 11 palestinian are killed daily by Israel forces and not a peep out of MSM and the social networks. 1400 children have been killed in Palestine since 2000. The list of Israeli atrocities continues today, So, where is our outrage over these poor souls. I'm tied of people just going about their daily lives without giving frig about the lives of those being killed in the GAZA, West Bank, and Syria. As far as Aristotle is concerned, this quote is way to broad for any reaction. All I can do is warn you all to be prepared... you will need at least 150 liters of drinking water and six months supply of food.

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