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Sam, Frisco City, AlabamaSam, Frisco City, Alabama
Sam, Frisco City, Alabama

Bravo Mr. Clemens bravo. I am sure you have all heard the phrase "absolute power corrupts absolutely". We have given absolute power to our judicial system and it has become absolutely corrupt. When I see a "dog fighter" get more attention and (at least the threat) of harsher sentencing then child molesters (in some states) then I can't help but realize we are one confused people. Which takes me back the the James Monroe quote. Bruce I must agree with you on this or why would the same congressman senators keep there office so long? I don't see anyone willing or able to stand (for integrity and honesty) in Washington under the current system of corruption. We need a clean sweep from pages all the way to the top. Start fresh! We can make more laws if that is what you think it will take but we would be better to enforce the ones we have. I am for one new law, no lawyers in government. OK that will not work so lets start educating our children from the 3rd grade up in political science/government. When all the people know the rules the playing field is easier to level. Also right and wrong should not be determined by someones ability to manipulate words and suggest that this is what the law actually says. Once we said you have to be a lawyer to be a judge we tied the hands of the people. I am for prohibiting lawyers from the bench and returning judgment to men of integrity.

Sam, Frisco City, Alabama

Mr. Franklin is suggesting that you have the right as an individual to be a hermit and hoard your property but as a social being there are times when decisions must be made to serve the greater good. If you so decide then why should you benefit from the continuous work of others? I happen to agree with him.

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