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Sarah, New Rochelle, NYSarah, New Rochelle, NY
Sarah, New Rochelle, NY

Such an incredibly prescient quote - forseeing today's absurd 'hate speech' bans and the intense pressure on social media. Speech is not violence. Censorship is not freedom from fear.

Sarah, New Rochelle, NY

She is speaking of FACTS. Does anyone here know the history of industrialization in the soviet union vs the united states? If you think the 80hr week in a factory is the worst thing that can happen to an individual you are tragically ignorant.

Look at what the benevolent government did to 'it's people" IN THE NAME OF PROGRESS and you will see how altruistic socialists really are when they have full control. Nothing less than planned starvation and murder and dislocation of millions.

Sarah, New Rochelle, NY

People are punished 'for their own good' all the time - not because they are hurting others, but for an altruistic aim. Everytime a moralist pushes a law someone ends up dead... great examples are prohibition, the war against drugs, even speeding violations and the ban on selling loose cigs in NY. These are reasons for police interactions with people who are hurting no one, and every interaction with police is a chance for violence.

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