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Simon, Victoria

Thanks for the condescension, I suppose I might be willing to admit that I find myself as insulted and misunderstood by you as perhaps you are by me. Very Left? Moi? Indoctrinated Collectivist? Moi? David - what is the name of this Socialistic party that these 54 congresspeople belong to? If the US can have normal relations with communist chins, the middle east authoritarian monarchies and every fascist police state of the last 100 years (many of which it installed) then Castro is hardly any worse. The only reason relations with Cuba have not be normalized is to try to win the florida cuban exile vote. It is only when a foreign leader nationalizes US corporations in his country that he becomes an enemy of the US, the freedom and democracy that he does or does not permit his people has nothing to do with it. As for your guns, Canada has a higher per capita gun ownership than the US, we just don't choose to kill each other with them at nearly the same rate. Do not confuse gun control with a gun prohibition, sure I believe in gun control and licensing, if its good enough for your car, its good enough for your gun. I presume there is some line you will draw where it comes to personal armaments? Automatic weapons? Machine guns? Artillery pieces? Flame throwers? What? M1 tanks maybe? Nukes? Where do you draw the line on someone buying a gun? 12 year old? 6 year old? Mental deficient? Just got out of jail for armed robbery? Stoned out of his head on PCP? What?

Simon, Victoria

And I'm just reading your last post and I am 100% in agreement with you and have to ask what does any of that have to do with those who want a social welfare system? Your country is doing all of that without much of a social welfare system. No liberal or moderate politician is in favour of any of your list of government offences, George Bush and his neo-fascists are, Fidel Castro and other Socialists/Communists are, lots of right wing fascist police states all over the world that your country has created and supported for decades are, Moderates and Liberals and true Democrats are not.

Simon, Victoria

As to thieves - there is no other word for the current US Government - it is owned by the corporations, its policies are written by the corporations, its only purpose is to maintain its own power and enrich those who are in power. Literally trillions of dollars are being stolen from the American people and the rest of the planet in the greates theft in the history of mankind. Don't believe me?

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