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Teddy Cosmos, AnytownTeddy Cosmos, Anytown
Teddy Cosmos, Anytown

The Obammunists smile as they promise no more "transferring wealth to the wealthy" be allowed . Nice , sly use of words to pander to the envious who have not been talented or organized enough to produce wealth . And this is the Obammunist Plan : to incite a rabid "get even" covetousness amongst the less prosperous . Obammunists think that the American people are weak and corrupt enough to be induced to covet what is not theirs . They believe that these Americans will go along with the confiscations of wealth from the Producers, in order to get . Thus , charities will be starved ( and no longer needed ) ; in their place, government will use the only method it can - Force - in increasing levels to "force outcomes" , and all will become increasingly dependent upon government, not love; not freedom; not creativity ; and not the charity within the hearts of its People .This is what comes of nations ruled by Obammunist governments . The world is already strewn with slothful and uncreative nations that have gone down this path .

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