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Tom K, Indianapolis

That is all fine and great but it doesn't pertain to THIS discussion. I don't care what Paine wrote in "The Rights of Man" or Hamilton wrote in "The Federalist Papers". What I do care is what is actually written in the Constitution. and I quote: "A well organized militia being necessary for the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." Now, I'm no rocket scientist but I do know that in effective writing, you put your main point up front. If it had been written "The right of the people to keep and bear arms, being necessary for a well organized militia and the security of a free state, shall not be infringed." I would say that the main point is the right of the individual person to have weapons with the justifying benefits being increased security for the state and a more readily organized militia. Unfortunately, as written, the MAIN POINT is a "well organized militia' with an armed citizenry as the best way to achieve "the security of a free state". Also...if you are a student of history...then you should know the founding father's (and they hardly agreed amongst themselves) seen the counterwieght to the federal government, never as a populace armed to the teeth, but quasi-independent state governments each with their own little army (militia) which the constitution further stipulates will be funded by the federal government but whose officers will be appointed by the states (thus being loyal to the state and not the fed). In fact, the Constitution goes into great detail about the providing for and restrictions of use for the states militias. The constitution was written in an attempt to fix the problems of the Articles of Confederation which had made the states too powerful and the Fed with not enough authority. My point is that we can all sit around and chant slogans "I'll give up my gun when...." but it's as meaningless as me shouting "Long live two plus two!!" However, if you are a REASONING person you must concede that there is a valid argument that the Constitution, as it is actually written, is NOT protecting the right of individuals to have weapons. It is protecting the right of the individual states to have militias.

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