Heraclitus Quote

“Man's character is his fate.”

~ Heraclitus

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Mike, Norwalk

More often than not, character is a major determinant to fate. Ethical Christians are now enduring genocide in certain parts of the world because they will not abandon their character - that would make the statement accurate. Will Hitlery's character finally catch up with her and define her fate?

E Archer, NYC

When have Americans elected a candidate already deep in scandal and corruption -- it usually takes a couple terms to rack up that much damage. If Hillary is elected, the fraud would be so obvious, she may be impeached before she even swears in.

I do believe my fate is directly connected to my character. Integrity and humility help keep my own passions in check. If I am not my word, what else is left?

Ronw13, Oregon

Commonsense. 101. it is better to seek after that which good is. life can be a bumpy road. Integrity to stand upright, humility to walk right. It is termed by the apostle Paul, the "Armor of Light". In so doing, you find yourself in harmony with nature and God, our Creator.


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