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Trish, Overland ParkTrish, Overland Park
Trish, Overland Park

Friedman is a free market economist who does not believe in regulation. In essence he supports a economic system that by definition allows "bigger businesses" to set the rules and drive out smaller competitors. He also believes in and supports outsourcing and off shoring of America's manufacturing, technology and jobs. Another unmentioned fact: absolutely none of the benefits that accrue to America's multinational corporations that outsource go to the United States. However, the United States pays all of the costs: America has lost most of its manufacturing base, most of the better paying manufacturing jobs (including engineers and management level), losing technology to other countries. America does NOT receive any of the taxes on the profits make in other countries due to the 1986 Outsourcing Act. The Democrat Party tried to repeal the act twice...in 1995 and 2010 but failed due to Republican opposition. Friedman's argument is flawed...he's not just talking about greed and capitalism, he neglects to mention how badly flawed and distorted our economic system has become under the Republican ideology.

Trish, Overland Park

There will always be the extremists who resent, reject and fight any restraints to their individual rights and freedoms. They will not or cannot understand the principle of the social exchange that citizens make...we agree to forego some freedoms in exchange for an orderly society with laws governing us. Extremists appear to want total freedom...an impossibility in a society that wants order and predictability. Unfortunately they mistakenly focus their anger on the Government. Benjamin Franklin had the correct values.

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