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Valerie Nixon, RichmondValerie Nixon, Richmond
Valerie Nixon, Richmond

"Resist from the beginning": Very true. Inappropriate actions that are ALLOWED to continue, take on more power as they keep moving along that same direction.. As they slowly continue, people gain acceptance to these items which they have become used to. The strength of this trend, makes it more difficult to reverse, & should have stopped, before it began.

Valerie Nixon, Richmond

The Government is full of Deceivers. This is why it is necessary to keep informed, keep a watchful eye on government officials (elected or not), & contact them with our opinion, in order that they know we are aware & cannot be deceived.

Valerie Nixon, Richmond

This, apparently, is what is happening, today. I believe it is caused, primarily, by a controlled News Media. ( Big Brother is also attempting to censor the Internet, our main free source). There are many issues, - a current big one is Health Freedom. We must get involved & protect our Liberties - as well as retrieving ones we have lost.

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