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Victor, Southern UtahVictor, Southern Utah
victor, southern utah

When will this website start putting sources with the quotes so that we can research their veracity.

Victor, southern Utah

I guess politics ain't that bad then.

victor, Southern Utah

S. Engel suggests that "Supreme Court members should required to read...[and] understand" this quote; the legislators are the ones who should understand this, they make the laws.

victor, Southern Utah

Without those "bothersome 'technicalities' that impede honest law enforcers" we may find ourselves facing the ruthless and dishonest law enforcers.

Victor, Southern Utah

The quote is good -- but I have to admit I personally don't know enough about the Constitution. It's not something that comes up in regular conversation either. I know a little about history, and I understand that the people who lived during the founding period of the U.S. were much more involved in political discussion and debate. It is rare to find someone nowadays who really enjoys that. Some people have opinions, but don't have any skill in discussion. They think that "argue" means to quarrel or bicker or shout. I wish it still meant to "reason".

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