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“When law enforcers are shown to have such unswerving integrity, only the most churlish among us would question the methods they use to “get their man.” Constitutional guarantees are regarded as bothersome “technicalities” that impede honest law enforcers in the performance of their duties.”

~ Donna Woolfolk Cross

Media-Speak: How Television Makes Up Your Mind, 1983

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Mike, Norwalk

This one scope of perversity that liberals, conservatives, Democrats, Republicans, socialists, fascists and the 4 branches of government (the press being the 4th) all hold in common demonstrates the week and sick mind / heart of the liberty hating Amerika. Unswerving integrity goes to law enforcement set by a Representative Republic's laws, not a government of man's acceptance of a most base exercise. King George's 4 branches having now implemented torture as an acceptable form of information extraction have furthered the cause of Donna's mentality.

helorat, Milton

Such law enforcers are too rare to count in the big picture of the law. I seem to remember torture being around as an acceptable form of information extraction just a bit before our current President. The "torture" the Bush administration has "implemented" would not have gotten the Abu Ghraib worms into my fraternity in college, and anything else that is credible is nothing worse then what was done to me at SEAR School. According to the Geneva Conventions (which rely on execution for non-compliant illegal combatants as a prime means of enforcement) they deserve nothing better then summary execution, and if we choose to keep them alive for their intelligence value, I do not care what we do to them if it saves one American life. Why don't you whine about people being beheaded, or the execution of Christian humanitarian workers. I see some very aberentlyskewed values in your post Mike

Robert, Sarasota

Excellent Mike - it's today we are dealing with.... how the hell can law enforcers be show to have such unswerving integrity, unless we ride in their police cars and sit beside the big wigs when they make their decisions. And as for being churlish - it should have read 'only the most churlish among us would not question the methods they use...

victor, Southern Utah

Without those "bothersome 'technicalities' that impede honest law enforcers" we may find ourselves facing the ruthless and dishonest law enforcers.

WILLIAM, san francisco

my girlfriend was raped by a local cop when she resisted she was taken to jail and 'fisted' by female torturers,her skull was fractured, the obstruction of justice charges and resisting charges were dropped, she moved 2000 miles away from california under fear from san francisco police. never has a cop been convicted of perjury in california history. the jackboots run their own gang in the bay area and we are white graduate degree professionals,they will kill you if you resist,2007USA

E Archer, NYC

I give the quote 5 stars for accuracy. But since law enforcement officers have no more integrity than any other person, they, like the rest of our servant government, must follow due process. The end does not justify the means. The American system of government is based on the fact that men in power cannot be trusted to wield it on their own -- they have strict guidelines they must follow and are NOT immune from prosecution.

bob, puyallup

this sucks


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