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Washington, DCWashington, DC
Washington, DC

There is no stopping the machine as long as we have uneducated people, poor thinkers, minorities and the under-priveledged (or lazy), they will be catered to by the Democratic party. I'd suggest a two state solution, but I don't know many liberals who would want to live in a state soley comprised of liberals, it would FAIL!!!!!!! It could not survive for long. We really need to get rid of them.

Washington, DC

Study history my friends. The Fed is the 3rd central bank in the history of the USA. Jefferson would not renew the charter of the first central bank, and Jackson killed the 2nd central bank during his term calling them a 'den of vipers'. Creating money out of nothing and then lending it at interest is a banker's trick, and ends up in the confiscation of the wealth of the people. America was most prosperous when their money was backed by gold and silver. Today we have a completely unpayable debt -- every dollar in circulation has been borrowed -- even if we paid every dollar in circulation back to the Fed, there would be no money and we would still owe trillions! This system guarantees rivers of money flowing to the private banks that issue our currency at NO RISK and with NO BACKING what-so-ever. Do the math, folks. It is a scam -- a very old scam, and because we do not study it, we do not know its far reaching effects. It is not a Communist vs. Capitalist issue -- it is a Totalitarian issue.

Washington, DC

Not one penny of taxes pays for services, as confirmed by Reagan in 1980. The increase in taxes has not improved the standard of living. The purchasing power of the dollar today is only a fraction of what it was worth in 1950. C'mon people, stop defending your servitude. The country is bankrupt and taxes are to pay our tribute to the real holders of power -- the central bankers.

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