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William, St. Louis, MissouriWilliam, St. Louis, Missouri
William, St. Louis, Missouri

To all of those out there who read this quote and don't like it or get angry, you flat out do not understand the fundamental idea of FREEDOM upon which our Great Country was founded. We are a beacon of Hope, Freedom, and Liberty throughout the entire world. In our Free Society, you can do whatever you want with your life...our government doesn't interfere or tell you what to do. We are the first nation in the history of the world to become the Richest and sole superpower through economic means, not through war and the conquering of other nations as the Romans did. The only way for true Freedom and Liberty is through Economic and Capitalistic freedom, where by you can set your own course, and follow any dream or dreams you have. The ideas in this quote are a truth of our nation that help people understand what The USA is about, and how she operates. The terrible "Robin Hood" ideology, called Socialism is at America's doorstep knocking everyday, and if we aren't careful, someone will open the door and let the terrible monster in. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! LONG LIVE CAPITALISM!!!!!!!!!

William, St. Louis, Missouri

(Additional Thoughts) The quote that is the essestial quote of a free society is the quote in it's entirety, not the one line as quoted in my first response. Deserving of all it's five stars.

William, St. Louis, Missouri

This message is for D.M, Jack and the anonymous writer. You convienently left out this passage, "You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred." All I see in you is bitterness, and unfounded anger toward the rich, which is exactly what this part of the quote addresses. Read the quote from me again, and then read the entire thing. Perhaps it should have been at the very start of the quote. This is the essential quote of a free society, and it is no wonder why such men as Abraham Lincoln, and Ronald Reagan have quoted it!!

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