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Yaya, Lagos

The quote makes a lot of sense in all ramification. 5 and 9 are not equal. Trying to make them equal by adding 4 to left hand side absolutely makes it even more unequal because you now have two numbers on the left and just one number on the right (ie 5+4 = 9), which is another inequality. Same goes for men and women. They're never equal. Trying to make women equal to men by giving them leverage on some things over men, makes it even more unequal. Men and women are made differently and are specialized for different things. It doesn't mean that men shouldn't respect women or that women should respect men more. The respect for a man and the respect for a woman are not the same. Men should be treated and as men and women should be as women. Trying to treat a woman as a man because you feel men and women are equal is a great inequality.

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