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Yes, dear ones, we are at war right now (thus the lies are flying about in abundance). Our blueprint for freedom is being trampled everyday by those we have elected to be our representatives. They prefer instead to rule. It is the responsibility of every American to know who a candidate is, IF THAT CANDIDATE SUPPORTS THE US CONSTITUTION and Bill of Rights, and if THEY DO NOT, vote for who does...or RUN for office YOURSELF. That is how we will get out country back. Once we do, then we can return to the laws of the land. This is a war with in our borders and to maintain our republic (Article 4 Sec 4), we must win and not be taken in by the lies are fed by media.

a adams, hb

money talks and bull sh*# walks and many politicians have their hand out and face buried in the sh*#. That is how it appears most of the time. Integrity, good decisions based upon law; ignored. No one is standing.

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