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carl hudson, sherwoodcarl hudson, sherwood
carl hudson, sherwood

It only works when at least two people agree that the truth is a proven fact.

Carl Hudson, Sherwood

I believe we are truly fighting two wars at once again like WWII. One war is the shooting war against ISIS, Taliban, and many others with different names all labeled Muslim Terrorists.
The second war is only found in the underground more than likely under every Mosque. This war is controlled by the leaders of the Mosque in their gradual attempt to take over every city or town, municipality, county, or State Government by following our laws and being successful in some states like Michigan.
Their population will grow rapidly as a husband with 4 or 5 wives continues to procreate.
Obama has been training for this day and will be ready when the time is correct for himself and his kind.

Carl Hudson, Sherwood

It aligns aligns perfectly with Obama's. He creates the problems associated with the USA, blames it on someone other than himself, complains to the world just how aloof this country is to the world problems, and then states it will take years to solve the problems as he jumps into his Rolls Royce (Air Force One) to spend another Christmas in Hawaii. What a guy, our leader is. We are on his mind both day and night hoping our love for him has grown more and more. Oh Yaaaaa! Carl

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