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jeff walker, scott depotjeff walker, scott depot
jeff walker, scott depot

Why do you think the federal government controls the education in this country? We have you adults who have never spent a day in school without cameras watching them. Our children start their indoctrination the very first day they start school. Teachers are not teaching our kids. It is easy to control an un-educated public. Remember, knowledge is power. How many people post on here spend their time watching foolsball, family guy, jerry springer? Our kids don't learn in school and learn less when they get home with mom and dad, if there is a dad around. The mess we are in started with the woodstock crowd during name. They believed they could change the world and they did. They became lawyers and ran for office while the responsible people went to work and came home and watched tv. I see people on a lot of forums whining but nobody does anything. Even the nutty OWS crowd at least had the guts to do something.

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