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jscottu, Indianapolis

"conversation with Representative Martin Dies at the White House, as reported by Dies.Congressional Record, September 22, 1950, vol. 96, Appendix, p. A6832" I think the quote is dubious at best. There is no proof FDR said it. BUT... FDR, and many other politicians during the 30's, supported policies which went against the American ideal of individual liberty and free markets. The labels that were put on these policies are not as important as the basic fact that they REDUCED individual liberty and free markets...NOT increased individual liberty and free markets. Whether it was social security (which is now bankrupt) or packing the supreme court or imprisoning American citizens because of their race (FDR was a racist...his wife was not...). FDR once admitted he had never studied the subject of economics in his life. So he didn't impose collectivist economic policies out of an evil intent. He did it out of ignorance and trust in the folks around him who WERE clearly statists...collectivist...progressives (there are several excellent books that prove that "progressive" was the American version of early European fascism...before everyone started to hate Hitler and fascism).

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