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jwala sharma, Indore/Mumbaijwala sharma, Indore/Mumbai
jwala sharma, Indore/Mumbai

"... it makes you despised, and this is one of those reproaches against which, as shall presently be explained, a Prince ought most carefully to guard." - it's funny how an incomplete quote can appear to mean the reverse of what was intended in its full context. Machiavelli was not referring to an armed populace. He was referring to the armies of a Prince. - It was preceeded by: "we often see that when Princes devote themselves rather to pleasure than to arms... "

jwala sharma, Indore/Mumbai

his salt would allow his victims the ability to defend them selves. Those that want gun control do not realize that the evil that will come from the state when there are no guns allowed is far worse than the evil of letting someone protect his person and property

jwala sharma, indore/mumbai

i think its the best quote and according to me you follow these path only but without killing and harashing the others

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