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luis perez, panamaluis perez, panama
luis perez, panama

Good !! why is that ? because people doesn`t like to think, or people does not have enough knowledge of economy. Or because people just believe what socialism mass media says, in spite of everybody knows that most of it is controlled by socialist writer and "intellectuals"

luis perez, panama

It is incredible true !
Envy is the principal engine that makes socialism, communism, fascism etc so strong in the mind of the people.
Envy is the worst and most dangerous of all human feeling.
I saw it in Chile with communist Allende and now in Venezuela with his communist regime

Luis Perez, Panama

Cuan diferente seria el mundo (y para mucho mejor)
si los legisladores siguieran un sencillo principio básico señalado por el gran americano Thomas Jefferson :

Luis perez, Panama

Vivimos en una isla de conocimiento rodeados por un océano de ignorancia..
En la medida de que nuestra isla de conocimiento crece, asi mismo lo hacen las riveras de nuestra ignorancia.

luis perez, panama

Very appropriate thought for a day like today !
U.K. decision !

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