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zeitgeist, la crescenta, ca

Sara, from Connecticut. I may not be the best one here to help you out but I’ll try. Someone else like Mike or perhaps Archer might be more helpful or want to add something. The first line simply says that the constitution is not something made by a government, it is made by individuals or people in order to set up a government. Something like a rule book or a set of rules. It goes on to say that a government without a constitution, or set of rules, is one that acts out it powers without the consent of the people because they had no say in the governments make up or rules. It then says all power has a beginning at some time and that the beginning comes from either being delegated or assumed. “Delegated” means the people GIVE other people the power to act for them in their interest; this involves TURST because you must have faith and trust when others are acting for you. “Assumed” means that the people TAKE (or assume) power themselves from other people that have the power currently; this is call usurpation. Lastly it says that time, no matter how long, doesn’t change the character or excellence (or lack of excellence) of this power obtained either by delegation or usurpation. Keep reading here, it’s a good place to learn about governments – what they do and shouldn’t do. I give 5* for putting into few words a tremendous thought that more should be thinking today. Especially those to whom "We the People" have delegated the power. I say this last with tongue prominently in cheek.

zeitgeist, la crescenta, ca

Once again, here and in the previous quote, Mussolini isn't shy about telling it straight out. No obfuscation whatsoever. Best to know the devil for what he is. Give him credit for showing his colors.

Zeitgeist, La Crescenta, CA

At least Mussolini was completely upfront about what was on his mind. No sidestepping, no euphemistic blather, no hidden meanings or misrepresentations in this quote. Too bad Obama doesn't do the same - then more would be aware of what he and his cronies are actually up to.

zeitgeist, la crescenta, ca

I think more people in this country should be made very, very aware of these principals. It might awaken them to what has been going on for some time. Under the current situation regarding the banking system - even though this has been apparent to many for a number of years - plank #5 should be rather striking and be more conspicuous than it would be otherwise. BTW, it should read, 'Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, ...'. A thumbs down for obvious reasons, however, 5* for bringing forth an important document that could give greater consciousness to folks and guidance toward what not to do.

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