Benito MussoliniBenito Mussolini, (1883-1945) Italian dictator during WW2, founder of Italian Fascism, 'Il Duce'

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“Fascism is definitely and absolutely opposed to the doctrines of liberalism, both in the political and economic sphere.”

Benito MussoliniBenito Mussolini
~ Benito Mussolini

Benito Mussolini, 1935, The Doctrine of Fascism, Firenze: Vallecchi Editore, (p. 32)

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Ben, Orem, UT

There you go: socialism and liberty are NOT compatible.

zeitgeist, la crescenta, ca

Once again, here and in the previous quote, Mussolini isn't shy about telling it straight out. No obfuscation whatsoever. Best to know the devil for what he is. Give him credit for showing his colors.

Waffler, Smith

Folk throw words around so readily. Those on this site who abhor liberals would appear to be in bed with Benito. While his other quotes sound reasonable where these guys always fail is their addiction to totalitarian-ism. I submit that in many minds being liberal and having liberty are compatible. But being conservative or right wing is being fascist and anti-liberty.

J Carlton, Calgary

Fascism and Socialism treat he individual as an ant in a colony born to serve. This flies in the face of everything that makes us human beings. And that is why it is destined to fail...over and over.

Mike, Norwalk

The liberalism Mussolini spoke of was akin to the concept of liberalism at the birth of the U.S., which is diametrically opposed to the current day liberalism. Today's fascist implements a theocratic socialism to define the new liberalism.

jim k, austin

Waffler, wrong again. In 1945 "liberal" had a different meaning.from today. Liberals, or Progressives as they now call themselves, are the Socialists, or Fascists , if you prefer. Nazis were called Fascists and the name Nazi meant National Socialist Party. Fascism and Socialism are one and the same.

warren, olathe

Waffler, the liberals you talk about in this country are in league with this type of thinking. Obama is the fascist here. Conservative right wing nut jobs as you would call them are concerned for your liberty while you are complacent about it. As the banks and eventually the other private enterprises fall to nationalization it is going to be ever more difficult for you to explain why National Socialism is not National Socialism.

Ben, Orem, UT

Right warren.Both communism and fascism are types of socialism. Liberalism means libertarianism in todays' terms.

Deb, Edgewood

Confirmation that Mark Levin got it right...our"liberals" are really "statists" of one group or another-fascists, socialists, communists, Marxists. Any and all of them cannot coexist with liberty.

E Archer, NYC

In other words, Fascism is absolutely opposed to liberty in politics and economics. Fascism is easier to implement than communism because with fascism you still have the appearance of ownership of your property and business, but in fact to CONTROL is better than ownership for the owner bears the liability while the government maintains the CONTROL. The debasement of the language by politicians and their handlers re-defined words like 'liberal' and 'democratic' -- its 1984 all over again. The battle for the hearts and minds of Americans isn't over, and the price of ignorance is a proud servitude. Sorry, warren, but the GOP is no less fascist and is 'conservative' in rhetoric only. These 2 parties are controlled by the banking cartels that further fascist control of the world. The Democrats make war domestically and the GOP make war internationally, but seizing more power and control of the labors and resources of the world is the goal and both parties have served that cause well since the days of FDR when the US government became a fascist oligarchy controlled by the Fed/IMF/World Bank via the various 'round table' groups like the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateralists, Bilderburgers, etc..

J Carlton, Calgary

Warren, were you aware that the Department of Homeland Security now lists, gun owners, returning veterans, the Minuteman groups and a host of other Americans as "Right Wing Extremists"?

Waffler, Smith

Liberals believe in freedom of expression. Since I am able to read, discuss and dissect, Mussolini, Marx etcetera with an open mind and agree with Marx when he says that he is against child labor etcetera, I am showing myself to be a free and open minded person. That is important to me. You guys are the lock step creatures who cringe in your dunce corners and the mention of a name as these. You are not believers in freedom, liberty or free thought. You are ripe for a fascist leader like Rush to lead you as if you had a ring in your nose.

Ben, Orem, UT

Waffler, you continue to group those who advocate freedom with conservatives when, in fact, your accusation holds no water. So-called conservatives are turning out to be worse than so-called liberals, but the fact remains that they are all part of the same statist ideology that you also espouse. That is, the idea that the state can and should be the solution to societal problems and that solutions to these problems can be brought about by force/coercion. The point is not whether one is against child labor or not---you miss the point ENTIRELY, as usual. The point is freedom. The point is that those who love freedom would not use the power of government to coerce another into doing something just because they feel it is "morally" right. The fact that you DO believe in this idea makes you a non-believer in freedom. You do not trust a person when he is free. You would rather bind him down by the coercive power of the state according to your own moral dictates. I must inform you however that this is not called freedom and no amount of you wanting it to be freedom will make it so. You do not have the authority to repeal natural law.

O. Delusional Liberal

Well, yeah, can't really argue with that; I don't understand some of the comments on this page, they're completely nonsensical. I'm equally perplexed, however, at Mussolini's motives to say this. Is he trying to make fascism sound good, using the exact same straw man arguments used against liberals today (and conservatives of today... I know we liberals do our fair share of name-calling. I don't, btw... I make a point of not forming judgments based on words that have been made into synonyms for evil by the crazies. But I digress.) or is he just stating a fact? Because I don't see how any rational person can 1) call fascism and liberalism the same thing since they are by definition political, economical, and ideological opposites (which is what Mussolini in fact says in this quote), and 2) prefer fascism over liberalism, whether it be modern liberalism or classic liberalism (libertarianism)... but again, this is coming from a ruthless dictator lording over desperate sheep, so what can I really expect?

Ray, South Bend, IN

Wow, words do have proper definitions. Facism - Extreme right wing political theory known mainly for its role in Germany, Spain, and Italy before and during WWII. Socialism - Extreme left wing political theory the basis of Marxist theory and the Communist Party's beleifs. The basis of political beleif of the Soviet Union and its satelite states. Liberalism - The term liberalism has nothing to do with the left/right Republican/Democratic liberal/conservative. Liberalsim is the a democratic political system which upholds individual rights, civil liberties, and religious freedoms. United States adheres to liberalism's ideals.


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