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“There is no way to peace; peace is the way.”

~ A. J. Muste

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Bob, Eugene OR

Typical mystic's BS.

Joe, Rochester, MI

Nice theory, but the first guy that wants something you have will take it from you. I prefer to speak softly and carry a gun.

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Anonymous    3/16/06

We must think differently in order for things to change. We must live peace in order to have peace. Idiots like Bob and Joe are holding the human race back and leading us into more war and destruction.

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Chicago    3/16/06

I agree that Peace is A way, not a destination. Probably Bob & Joe would like to live peacefully -- they just might be skeptical of those that profess peace as a means to subjugation. The word Peace means different things to different people. Inner peace is certainly a good way to go; however, exterior peace can also be achieved by absolute desolation -- it is very peaceful a few days after a nuclear bomb. And to Rest In Peace is to be dead! So maybe a little hustle and bustle isn't so bad... ;-)

rob, ny, ny

Evidence of its truth: Ghandi lead India to push out the English without a physical weapon. He used peace as the way.


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