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“A decision of the Fuhrer in the express form of a law or decree may not be scrutinized by a judge. In addition, the judge is bound by any other decision of the Fuhrer, provided that they are clearly intended to declare law.”

Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler
~ Adolf Hitler

1936 Decree

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Louis Murphy, San Antonio, Texas

Our Present Is A Reflection Of Our Past And Our Past Is A Reflection Of Our Future Specially In America Today.

L. Hanson, Rd

This is merely a continutin of the Ten Steps to Doctatorship. Process and remember this.

Heathen Steven, Miami

When the President does it, that means that it is not illegal. ~ Richard Nixon And let's not forget the GW Bush executive order (May '07) that essentially did away with the Federal Posse Comitatus Act, and then followed up in July '07 with an executive order entitled Blocking Property of Certain Persons Who Threaten Stabilization Efforts in Iraq,. The language is so broad that ordinary American Citizens who opposed the Bush administration policies and express their displeasure through their 1st amendment rights could be put on "The List" and suffer the consequences and the full weight of the Federal government. But don't fret my friends, this was merely a continuation of the ever growing power and influence of the Trans-national corporate/financial/ military complex on the road to completing the 12 steps to fascism.

Mike, Norwalk

Bringing Heathen's statement up to date, Mr. Obamunist Goodwrench the assassin developed a hit list with Americans to be exterminated with out benefit of a trial, implanted unelected czars, illegally bankrupted and reorganized most of the country's transportation industry, and set forth more unconstitutional Executive Orders than any US president before - not allowing any judicial scrutiny. The plan laid out for Hitler's socialist take over is doing well and thriving in Amerika.

Suzy Q, Bellevue

Heathen Steven has hit the nail right on the head in reference to Fascism. Pair this with corruption, greed and power....and you have a Totalitarian-run government. Welcome to AmeriKa.

E Archer, NYC

The last 4 presidents' executive orders have not been rescinded by their predecessors. This means that the Executive branch progressively is creating a seat of power for the next guy who when signaled by his/her handlers will seize control of all property and industry -- very much like FDR did when he declared our money illegal and confiscated it. Where in the Constitution does it grant the President the power to seize private property at his own whim? And we should remember that it won't be the president showing up around the country seizing private property but armed para-military police acting under the authority of the dozens of law enforcement agencies under the responsibility of the President.

Heathen Steven, Miami

E Archer: Good point; although I take exception on three counts: First, I believe you mean "successors" not "predecessors", a point I made at the time of the Bush executive orders mentioned above; second, I believe you have it backwards in regard to " the next guy . . . will seize control of all property and industry", it's the other way around, it's industry (or more expansive, the Transnational Corporate/Financial/military complex) seizing control of the government (especially if a corporate dupe like Romney gets in, supported by the Fascist wing of what use to be the Republican Party); and third, according to the 5 Supreme Corporatist Court Justices money isn't property, it's speech.

Heathen Steven, Miami

Mike, Norwalk: get your facts straight on several counts: Obama has signed 126 executive orders as of June 1, 2012. where GWB - signed 280 executive orders plus an additional 1200 signing statements, in effect executive orders, stating he would not recognize all or part of congressional acts. In fact the Little Fuhrer broke all records, using signing statements to challenge about 1,200 sections of bills over his eight years in office, about twice the number challenged by all previous presidents combined. And for Czars, G W Bush was right there with 36 czars, where to date Obama has appointed 38. Not much of a different to be howling about, then again I don't remember you howling at GWB for his use of czars, which at the time he had appointed more czars than all administrations combined going back to FDR.


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