Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler, (1889-1945) German Nazi Dictator

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“National Socialism is what Marxism might have been if it could have broken its absurd and artificial ties with the democratic order.”

Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler
~ Adolf Hitler

Adolph Hitler to Rauschning, The Voice of Destruction, pg. 186

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Mike, Norwalk

Not shooting the messenger, conceptually, a fairly accurate statement. The various theories or systems of social organization at which there is no ultimate private ownership and the means of producing and distributing goods or services is owned collectively or by a centralized government (titles, licenses, income taxes, etc. are extrapolations of an omnipotent statist owner). The centralized government, often plans and controls the economy through differing administrations. The politically recognized left prefers ownership in the name of the collective whole (a particular implementation of the Communist Manifestos 10 planks) The politically recognized right, prefers ownership through state entities such as corporations (LLCs, statutory trusts, corporate or legal persons - helots, serfs and slaves - Amerikans by way of example, etc.) Hitlers here referenced democratic order is an accurate depiction of a democracy (the whole is god to the insignificant voters without benefit of administrative extensions such as corporations) If Marxs implementation of the democratic order would have utilized corporations, it would have been much closer to Hitlers National Socialism (nazi). Amerika, through its occupying statist theocracy, has more often - especially as of late - employed Hitlers choice of socialism; BUT, never to be out done, a throwback to Marxs choice continues to raise its ugly head.

Mike, Pleasant Hill

Well stated Mike, the Utopian dream utilizing central planning is like the cockroach that refuses to die the death it deserves. There are always generations of Stalins, Obamas and Hillarys to carry on the delusion pumped into their radical heads by the Saul Alinskys of the world where the ends justifies the means.

We are in a spiritual war with physical consequences.

E Archer, NYC

Well said, Mike.

qwe, wer
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qwe, wer    6/8/20

i HaTe HiTlEr


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