Aesop Quote

“Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow.”

~ Aesop

The Dog and the Shadow

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Mike, Norwalk

A great observation. An example; the substance of liberty is the sovereign individual. The sovereign individual's actions (as are moral and ethically in harmony with the laws of nature and of nature's god) are the light of freedom. Attempting to force those illuminating morals and ethics on others is an opaque religion shading the true foundation. Such religions (atheistic socialism for example) grasping at opaque shadows loses not just the view but, the substance of a lawful reality.

E Archer, NYC

I would add to Mike's example, the numerous 'promises' we accept in lieu of the real thing:

- our 'funny money' fiat currency (just a promise to pay with interest)
- promises made by government (rarely kept, and the debt placed on the next generation)
- promises made by religion ( they can't all be true ...)

Quite frankly, the lack of integrity of our so-called leaders is the real enemy -- we are forced to accept their word as 'gold,' when in fact it is nothing but an unfulfilled promise that one day it will be real. Until then, pay up...


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