Albert EinsteinAlbert Einstein, (1879-1955) Physicist and Professor, Nobel Prize 1921

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“I have never looked upon ease and happiness as ends in themselves - such an ethical basis I call more proper for a herd of swine.  The ideals which have lighted me on my way and time after time given me new courage to face life cheerfully, have been Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.”

Albert EinsteinAlbert Einstein
~ Albert Einstein

"What I Believe," Forum and Century, 1930

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Mike, Norwalk

OK, there is one opinion.

E Archer, NYC

Yes, "Truth, Goodness, and Beauty" and Courage! I agree 100%. Happiness is not an 'end' for me, it is simply a 'way.' I am happy when I am happy and unhappy when I am unhappy -- both serve their purposes. I do not live for an 'end' but for the process of life itself in this 'perpetual moment.' ;-)

Ronw13, OR
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Ronw13, OR    5/30/18

The light of the Truth, the Goodness of God, and the Beauty of His Creation, keep me go'in.
The Truth of Liberty, the Goodness of Freedom, And the Beauty of a Song,
light the path of a long dark night, till the shadows flee away.


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