Alexis de TocquevilleAlexis de Tocqueville, [Alexis Charles Henri Maurice Clerel, le Comte de Tocqueville] (1805-1859) French historian

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“The electors see their representative not only as a legislator for the state but also as the natural protector of local interests in the legislature; indeed, they almost seem to think that he has a power of attorney to represent each constituent, and they trust him to be as eager in their private interests as in those of the country.”

Alexis de TocquevilleAlexis de Tocqueville
~ Alexis de Tocqueville

Democracy in America, 1835

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Mike, Norwalk

I am not quite sure how to rate this. The statement is extremely accurate and to the point. The quote illuminates the very concept that created a nation of carnal god worshiping ignorant slaves. The originating concept at law was that, the representative was not to / could not represent the individual personally but rather, the individual's inalienable right(s) that was/were held equal and united by each and every sovereign. The representative could represent nothing any one elector did not posses in and of himself. Lawfully, there could/can never exist compelled compliance, license, victimless crimes, larceny with impunity (property, income, on life taxes, funny money, etc.), non-recognition of inalienable rights or a local standing army (policing agencies) to enforce tyranny.

jim k, austin tx

Thank goodness for the Electoral College.

cal, lewisville, tx

Right Jim k. Can you imagine having to recount every vote in the nation rather than in an electoral district.

E Archer, NYC

At least that was the concept. Imagine if it really was like that!


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