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“When you elevate victimhood as virtue, you will create a culture in which people are tripping over themselves to be oppressed.”

~ Allie Beth Stuckey

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Ronw13, Oregon

Such are brought up (indoctrinated) as Ebyown spiritual beggars, "whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness: their feet are swift to shed blood." 

E Archer, NYC

The Democrat Party is almost exclusively based upon this concept  it is a catch-all for every 'victim' in the bunch.  Such is the irony of socialism  inflating every 'offense' to a crime to be punished becomes a despotism in the name of 'justice.'  If everyone is a victim, then real victims have no standing.  The lawyers' union (ABA) works tirelessly to create more laws for people to violate  they are among the highest paid per hour than any other field and have a virtual monopoly that protects their power racket.  Few if any realize that the Uniform Commercial Code's basis is regulating interstate commerce  it cannot apply to people's labors or property in state. 

The Common Law has no statutes per se  a crime has been committed after adjudication by jury  there must be an intentional violation of rights with malice to be considered criminal.  No victim, no malice, no crime.  

People have forgotten that freedom of speech includes words that might hurt others' feelings  too bad, that is not a crime.  It is not a crime to hate and to express that hate  it is a crime to threaten someone with violence.  Big difference.

Putting on a costume may hurt someone else's feelings, but it is not a crime if there is no malice and no physical injury.  When it becomes a crime to tell the truth because it hurts someone else, you can bet the law is designed to silence them from exposing their corruption.  That is essentially what the Deep State has been trying to do with Trump since he took office  charge him with a crime for investigating the crimes of the Deep State  Tammany Hall was small potatoes compared to the Deep State, but the same racket has been going on since then...

Mike, Norwalk

A very accurate observation. Safe spaces are filling up.


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