Andrew JacksonAndrew Jackson, (1767-1845) 7th US President

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“Every man is equally entitled to protection by law; but when the laws undertake to add… artificial distinctions, to grant titles, gratuities, and exclusive privileges, to make the rich richer and the potent more powerful, the humble members of society -- the farmers, mechanics, and laborers -- who have neither the time nor the means of securing like favors to themselves, have a right to complain of the injustice of their government.”

Andrew JacksonAndrew Jackson
~ Andrew Jackson

veto of national bank bill, July 10, 1832

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Mike, Norwalk

"when the laws undertake to add... artificial distinctions, to grant titles, gratuities, and exclusive privileges," of any type (including license) the unjust government has shown that they act contrary to law as superiors (not servants) to We The People and do so unconstitutionally.

J Carlton, Calgary

Search "Article V Convention" see what you get...The States need to retake what the Feds have stolen.

jim k, austin

On April 15th, or before, send a teabag to Washington.

Anonymous, Reston, VA

The states are just as guilty as the federal government (if not more so)... indeed, the people themselves are also just as guilty, as evidenced in Prop8 in Californicate...

Allen, DC
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Allen, DC    4/6/09

So true...

Mike, Norwalk

Anonymous, is your Prop 8 reference a timely slap against Iowa's Supreme Court legislators granting more titles, gratuities, and privileges to artificial distinction?

Waffler, Smith

Andrew Jackson is considered the founder of the "modern" democratic party after Jefferson. He united the Southern and Western parts of the country against the Whig entrenched money interests of the North and East. The money interests then fell in with the Republicans to reclaim their stranglehold on the nation after the war using Grant as their stepping stone to complete their political and economic power grab during the so called Southern Reconstruction in which the region was treated worse than was Germany and Japan after those wars with the US. They then institutted the Gilded Age from 1870's to 1900's an age of gold (for the rich) and pooverty for the rest of the country. Sort of like what happened during the 20 years of Reagan and Bushes. Now maybey Obama can return us to the politics of Andrew Jackson.

E Archer, NYC

Jackson nails it. This is what Bush and Obama should have done: revoke the charter of the Federal Reserve, for all this economic mess is the result of the private monopoly of the creation of money by a private institution to which the entire government has become beholden. Jackson stopped it. Jefferson stopped it in his day. Garfield may have stopped it if he hadn't been assasinated, and perhaps JFK would have stopped it, too, as was evidenced by his re-issuance of silver certificates shortly before he was killed. LBJ recalled those notes...

Bob, jersey

waffler, smith wrote"Now maybey Obama can return us to the politics of Andrew Jackson" my god is the wool really pulled over your eyes that far? Obama is nothing more than a puppet! all that follow him are treasonous "The brave man inattentive to his duty,is worth little more to his country than the coward who deserts her in the hour of danger." All who read this is it is your duty to be attentive for your fathers like mine have let this country go astray! WAKE THE HELL UP!!!

Steve Dearborn, San Pedro, Ca

I believe the country is filled with polititions across the board that are Filled with nothing short of GREED taking all that stimulus package money and putting it in the BIG Pockets instead of giving it to the American people to bail us out not the banks thier the ones who put us in this situation to begin with . With all thier funny/money loans. Why not bail ot the American people to get us all out of debt. Why do you think we broke away from England . TAXES that's why. Taxes were implemented to help the effort for World war 2 and they've gone away since I believe we need another tea party ! And what ever happened to our constutional rights, it seems to me the declaration of independece went right out the window. When they voted on this so called stimulus package and all the deep pockets didn't like the verdict because the verdict was no they somehow in a back room of good old boys they voted again the next day and got it passed in thier favor , instead of sticking to thier guns to bail out the American people. Our government is corrupt and there are back room decisions being made without [ we the people ] having any kind of say so. They do what they want to do without us having any kind of say so what so ever! If I were convicted and didn't like the verdict I can't say I don't like that outcome and have my jury of 12 vote again the next day and have things swing my way. And not one of the people involved in the Iran/contra scandel went to jail, they're all in different positions of office throuhout our government! Now that's unconstitutional, ( ya think)?? They're no different than you or I , why do they get preferential treatment ???

jim k, austin tx

"The humble members of society" , the farmers, now get more subsidies (money) from the government than almost any other group.

Ron w13, Or
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Ron w13, Or    4/2/14

Instituting more socialism, will not return us ( We the People ) to a state of grace. Obviously the case of Constructive Fraud, can be made, as it has been done many times. The case of Aggravated Assault as mentioned in yesterdays comments, perhaps joined together with the case of Constructive fraud, might drive the point home ! Sending tea bags, is a nice jester. But flooding the system with Affidavits of Revocation and Rescission, might gain the Supreme Courts ear. If they wish to take a stand for ( We the People ). Seeing and knowing the corruption within as well as they do, even now they listen to every persons comments. As all are ears right now. Addressing the issues of farmers is an old heated debate. Goes way back in my family.


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