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“In the history of censorship, the oldest and most frequently recurring controls have been those designed to prevent unorthodox and unpopular expressions of political or religions opinions.”

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GunnyCee, Durham

Unfortunately, what Ann Haight says is all too true. Today, liberals are constantly trying to censor the Tea Party because their opinions are not very popular with the leftist. The Tea Party members have been called everything from thugs to terrorists in an attempt to discredit and belittle them. It ain't working :-)

Mike, Norwalk

In the history of censorship, the oldest and most frequently recurring controls are those that have been designed to prevent expressions and opinions that are hostile to the belief, will and desires of the masters (at what ever level - orthodox, popular, or otherwise - the Murrah building, the Reichstag, 911, Seal Team 6, etc. comes to mind).

E Archer, NYC

Censorship from the Leftmedia has never been so blatant -- after Ron Paul nearly won the Iowa Straw Poll, every network news show (i.e. NBC, CBS, CNN, ABC, even Fox) completely ignored Ron Paul. They ALL repeated the same propaganda: "We have a top tier" and Ron Paul was not even mentioned among the 'top 3'. It is blatant censorship and the most 'respectable' journalists have shown their true colors -- they are not giving us the news, they are "opinion-making."

warren, olathe

In our country at present it is censorship of the majority, mainstream political and religious thought. The belief is that if you control the propaganda you control the population. Hopefully the total control of media will not happen.

warren, olathe

The assault on the tea party is designed to influence light headed people in the audience to disregard what ever the tea party says. It may be too late to drive the tea party away like Newt was in the mid 90's but every effort is underway to excuse the left's refusal to debate their betters.


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