Justice Anthony KennedyJustice Anthony Kennedy, (1936-) Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States (1988-2018)

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“Respondents argue, in effect, that legislative prayer may be addressed only to a generic God. The law and the Court could not draw this line for each specific prayer or seek to require ministers to set aside their nuanced and deeply personal beliefs for vague and artificial ones. There is doubt, in any event, that consensus might be reached as to what qualifies as generic or nonsectarian.”

Justice Anthony KennedyJustice Anthony Kennedy
~ Justice Anthony Kennedy

Town of Greece, NY, v. Galloway et al, Justice Kennedy wrote in the decision, May 5, 2014

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Mike, Norwalk

Not shooting the messenger, the oversight in such a political world and topic context, addresses well a contemporary line of philosophy. Legal usage of prayer (a section of a bill, pleading, etc. that seeks relief) also lends itself to "legislative prayer". The spokesman's prayer (focus, palpability, etc.) generally differs greatly form the hearing audience.

Ronw13, Oregon

Consensus can be brought to a fine point. Elohiym, "God" is plural, used in many aspects, to address, magistrates, leaders, angles= sons of God. Or the trinity of God, himself.
Eloahh "God" singular, this Hebrew name corresponds to the Aramaic Elahh, the origin of the term in unknown, it avoids the historical associations. The question arises Why did Jefferson use the term Creator, create "bara" it is a scientifically precise language to demonstrate that God brought the object or concept into being from previously from nonexistant material. Since Yahweh is the creator, He is able to deliver His people from captivity. Though a precisely correct technical term to suggest cosmic material creation from nothing, "bara" is a rich theological vehicle for communicating the sovereign power of God, who originates and regulates all thing to His glory.


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