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“Science has proof without any certainty. Creationists have certainty without any proof.”

~ Ashley Montague

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EGL, LA    9/19/06

In science the ability to replicate the outcome of experiments is what gives science proof and certainty. That is why it is science and not conjecture based solely on a faith that things are the way you would want them to be, or the way someone thought they were millenia ago.

E Archer, NYC

Everyone admits that scientists must be able to prove their theories from many different angles. But creationists infer from the second hand testimony of one person (Moses) the validiity of their unprovable claim. All admit than man is quite fallible, so what I don't understand is why such faith has been put in the fallible humans who make the deduction that the book of Genesis is to be taken literally. But I am sure someone will enlighten us today on the matter...

David L. Rosenthal

Scientists present theories, based on artfult manipulation of scant evidence, as though they were fact, stubbornly maintaining support for in what they had publicly showed such confidence. Then some time later, other scientists present newer theories, based on scant evidence, that replace the older theories, that tend to lose support as older theorists die off. The theories of evolution are just that, multiple, while the "proof" is insufficient. Big Bang? What certainty?

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

"True Believers" cast stones at that which they do not understand while steadfastly believing in that which they were told as little children... at least science understands its strengths and weaknesses...


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