Auberon HerbertAuberon Herbert, (1838-1906) English writer, theorist, philosopher, 19th century individualist, member of the Parliament of the U.K.

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“Force and reason -- which last is the essence of the moral act -- are at the two opposite poles. The one who compels his neighbor... treats him, not as a being with reason, but as an animal in whom reason is not.”

Auberon HerbertAuberon Herbert
~ Auberon Herbert

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Mike, Norwalk

Compelled compliance and victimless crimes are for animals in whom reason is not. U.S. Constitution, Article: I Section IX clause VIII (national prohibition), and Article: I Section X clause I ; “No State shall ⋯ grant any Title of Nobility”; and further, “What is prohibited to the States is forbidden to the Court to enforce”, (California Motor Transport Co. v. Trucking Unlimited, 404 U.S. 908 {1972}). What is a ‘Title of Nobility’ as Constitutionally understood. As adjudicated and stated by a Supreme founding judiciary the constitutional meaning of a ‘Title of Nobility’ was as stated: “To confer a title of nobility, is to nominate to an order of persons to whom privileges are granted ⋯ It is not necessarily hereditary, and the objection to it arises more from the privileges supposed to be attached, than to the otherwise empty title or order.” (Horst v. Moses 48 Ala. 129, 142 (1872); Corpus Juris, 46, 598, Nobility note 4; Bouvier's Law Dictionary, (1884) Nobility) By way of example: Some constitutionally prohibited titles of nobility that are today enforced de facto legalisms, (conveyed titles of nobility by the god state) are: attorney, contractor, doctor, driver, husband, wife, gun owner, vehicle operator, property owner, etc. License by force is for an animal in whom reason is not.

Logan, Memphis, TN

Well said, Mike.

David L. Rosenthal

There are many criminals with whom you cannot reason, but who must be compelled or contained to prevent them from continuing to commit crimes against victims. Reason is excellent where reason is respected. Otherwise, force must be used.

Mike, Norwalk

David, you explained the quote well, why did you give it a thumbs down. It is because you can not reason with criminals you treat them as animals (figuratively speaking) or without honor. By way of example: Try reasoning Original Intent/Constitutional Principle with a judge in the U.S.; there you will find a well armed forceful criminal.

David L. Rosenthal

Mike: I gave it the thumb down because it seems to me that the quote means to support avoidance of force at all times. It says with regard to reason "which last is the essence of the moral act," leaving force as the immoral act. I see both acts as moral in their appropriate contexts. Perhaps now you understand my reason.

Big Brother, D.C. and Beyond

And yet we get away with... thank goodness public education and timely government hand-outs have denigrated the human mind to such a state of ignorance and complacency as to allow such slavery. My serfs even revere me as a god! Life is good.

Mike, Norwalk

David, the criminal force you refer to has more to do with justice than the related law of the quote.

J Carlton, Calgary

David, morality and justice are two seperate ideas. And "force" doesn't work on animals either.

Anonymous, Reston, VA, US

oh dear, now Mike seems to be arguing for use of force against our judicial branch... perhaps he just joins the rest of Americans in thinking that SCOTUS went too far with turning our elections over to corporations and foreign influences... but this hardly seems like justification for pulling out our glocks and eliminating them (which is the implication of his postings)... little wonder that we are where we are in America today!

jim k, Austin

To paraphrase Washington," Government is not reason, it is force,and like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master".

warren, olathe

Great quote! Unfortunately reason is in such short supply that force is all too often necessary/

J Carlton, Calgary

Reston...what then is the punishment for treason? I'm not advocating anything in particular, just asking what would be the opinion of an over the horizon to the left liberal?

Waffler, Smith

Use force only with the unreasonable! Quote is not well constructed and thus the drift of the write is not clear. Like when a cop or IRS agent says "Are you going to come along peacefully or volutarily tax yourself or do we have to lock you up or do it for you." Reason and force, carrot and stick so what is new.

Mike, Norwalk

'A' from Reston, oops, its not I that am here arguing for use of force against the judicial branch. I recently heard the cheers from your statist theocracy's rabble patronage when your prophet and savior verbally flogged the Supreme Court. I find it amazing that those of your ignorant ilk love to stand in non-noble status (that being as free living individuals) but rather, identify yourselves as legal entities (part of the herd; accepting compelled compliance, license, victimless crimes, larceny with impunity, and a political position with no representation - only choosing new masters that will represent the statist theocracy) - equal at legal status to a corporation, and then boohoo like voices.

abigail adams, hun bch

Now that was a sane and reasonable voice from Mike. No blank spots in his thinking. Thank you it is always a pleasure to hear your point of view.

Waffler, Smith

You must have a different hearing mechanism Abigail, I cannot understand a word Mike ever posts.

Ronw13, USA

" Force and Reason, which last, is the essence of the moral act."
To what moral reason, would be to the act of force. Ask the loving parent, and pats of correction leading to the responsibility of Liberty. " Voluntary State " voluntary funded government, force only used to Protect the individuals, personal property. " Socialism is but Catholicism addressing itself not to the soul but to the sense of man...[ Both implore you to ] accept authority, accept the Force it employs, resign yourself to all-powerful managers, give up the Free Choice and the Free Act... they both seek to Sacrifice man." [ Socialism ] is a creed even more Denigrating than Catholicism, but it offers more tangible bribes for its acceptance. " Auberon Herbert. A very wise man.

Ronw13, USA

Abigail adams, such a wonderful voice of sound ( sane ) reasoning ! Mike's statement is that of " no respect of persons in judgement ". A literal translation that needs no private interpretation of the written word ! The Foundation Laid First, in the form of our Declaration of Independence, the Structure built there upon, our Constitution. A sound Structure. That eludes the blinded mind ! And they wonder Why, so many Stars are given for Sounding words " Just like Gravity " !! unseen but ever present to an aware mind, such is the presence ( a still quiet voice ) of God. Mike discerns doctrine Very well. Historical, Doctrinal and Spiritual application and intent of the written word !

Ronw13, USA

Such an arrogant statement by a ( Little , a , ) big brother, there are Two, we know, your tail swings. Pride goes before your fall. many voices, even those that may rest upon a mans pillow are your ears and mouth piece. what a tongue. Your days are numbered ! fear thou not ?


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