Auberon HerbertAuberon Herbert, (1838-1906) English writer, theorist, philosopher, 19th century individualist, member of the Parliament of the U.K.

Auberon Herbert Quote

“It is not laissez-faire that has failed. That would be an ill day for men. What has failed is the courage to see what is true and speak it to the people, to point to the true remedies.”

Auberon HerbertAuberon Herbert
~ Auberon Herbert

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Mike, Norwalk

for the most part

Joe, Rochester, MI

How about taking some action on true remedies?

E Archer, NYC

Having courage and speaking truthfully is not just something for the rulers -- the people are just as responsible. Let laissez-faire be, and stand resolute when realizing there is no free lunch.

helorat, Milton

Excellent quote. People take action on true remidies governments do not.


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