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“To those who find it difficult to understand how a mind can be imprisoned, my puny indictment of the communist movement before the Tydings Committee may have seemed slight indeed, for I no doubt gave some comfort to the Party by my negative approach. But it takes time to “unbecome” a Communist.”

~ Dr. Bella Dodd

School of Darkness, Chapter 16 (1954)

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Mike, Norwalk

A most normal movement. The getting rid of or changing one's internally held religion is a very difficult addiction to deal with. It is religious activities that gives the world it good and bad.

E Archer, NYC

Most of us would find it hard to believe that we are programmed more than we know. Our culture is particularly hard to see -- other cultural differences stand out obviously, but most of us are relatively unaware of our own conditioning until someone 'breaks the rules.' Why do men wear ties? And why are they required in some circles? What judgments do we make about a person when we see someone wearing something 'inappropriate'? I have found that those with strong ideological views are particularly blinded by their convictions -- whether on the left or the right. For me, I have found the best way to break through the conditioning is to admit that I do not know, and look at things with a fresh mind.

E Archer, NYC

Hey, I thought this was cool, a presentation by Dr Joe Dispenza about re-wiring the brain:

cal, lewisville, tx

Mike, too many don't ever want to admit they were wrong.

Robert, St. Emilion, France

It's always the same with the newly converted....


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