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“The strength of a man's virtue should not be measured by his special exertions, but by his habitual acts.”

~ Blaise Pascal

Pensées, 1670

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Mike, Norwalk

More accurate than not but, both needs be in the equation. Add motivation, complete with belief system and the man's real strength of virtue starts to manifold abundant.

Robin, Spokane

Amazing quote! Unfortunately, in practically every aspect of our lives we tend to be dazzled by that one moment or talent that is brilliant and pretend the general incompetence everywhere else doesn't exist.....and then suffer the consequences emotionally and financially later.

E Archer, NYC


Mike, Norwalk

Archer, welcome back - every thing OK ?

E Archer, NYC

It's all good, Mike, thanks. I have been inundated with political pablum in my inbox as election day nears -- I have just been shutting everything out while I get some work done. I love it when the East Coast shuts down from a hurricane -- a little disorder is a good reminder of reality. ;-)

Ronw13, Oregon

Honesty can be a rare commodity, it is best practiced constantly. 


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