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“Marihuana is a more dangerous drug than heroin or cocaine. I am surprised to learn that certain police officers have been inclined to minimize the effects of the use of marihuana. They would, I am sure, be convinced that the drug is adhering to its Old World traditions of murder, assault, rape, physical demoralization, and mental breakdown. A study of the effects of marihuana shows clearly that it is a dangerous drug, and Bureau records prove that its use is associated with insanity and crime.”

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Mike, Norwalk

hmm ;-)

Me Again, Your Town,USA

Old World Traditions indeed! I agree with the last sentence of this quote. Marijuhana's use IS associated with insanity and crime. The insanity of the label given to Marijuhana by the pro-pharmacutical industry (and the $ behind it) and the crime against the victimless user who is harmless in their non-violent, peaceful consumption of The Devil Weed! I consume Marijuhana. Ever soo sparsely compared to when I was a teen AND I am Still a Productive member of society. Indeed, to the point that this world has yet to benefit from my (as of yet undiscovered) contributions to Humanity. I love turning a Negative into a Positive! Amen.

J Carlton, Calgary

I would think that alcohol is better associated with those behaviours. Pot heads are more likely to find a hammock and eat a bag of Doritos.

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RobertSRQ    4/22/08

In that case there must be a lot of families smoking the stuff.

E Archer, NYC

If this were true then college campuses would be considered the most dangerous places in the world. Complete and utter BS. Clinton and GWB both were drug users (and probably still are) -- and look where they ended up. When will we Americans tire of hypocrisy? What do you think the rest of the world thinks about us? How long can a society last when its foundations are widdled away with ignorance and prejudice? How many countries has the US invaded to fight the drug trade? How many trillions have been spent (and where did they go) on protecting Americans from pot, coke, and heroin? More people have died as a result of the prohibition of drugs than those caused by the drugs themselves -- that alone should be enough reason to end the insanity. Grow up already, enough.

E. Lupus, Medford

People can sure be stupid when they want to be. Next they will be telling us they can't count our votes because we're on drugs.

Ken, Allyn, WA

Haven't you people ever seen "Reefer Madness"? Proof positive pot makes you go crazy and kill people.

jim k, austin, tx

This quote is absolutely insane. It was designed to get people to accept the insanity of a War on Drugs. See what ex -drug warriors have to say on this subject. On the web, LEAP.CC

Howie, Biteme

What the hell does this have to do with freedom? Is liberty tree quotes out of ideas and sources? Crap, now you are the problem. Go away and do a joke of the day.

A.Jurgensen, Stuart, FL

WHO made that statement? J. Edgar Hoover? Was he in charge? No matter. It is a ridiculous charge. Alcohol is a far worse drug than marijuana and our prisons aren't filled with drunks. Methinks that the entire marijuana nonsense is a waste of time and money...ah, politically, it's a winning issue.

butch, hobokin mo

the people that perpetuated these lies should have died screamming.

Anonymous, Kansas City

If you'd learn how to spell maybe you'd be taken more seriously. You just sound ignorant

Anonymous, ballard county kentucky

i think its sad to see a country where in some states like my own [ kentucky] where a child molester only gets two years where as in my case a pack of papers got me 18 months tell me where the justice is. also i would rather pass someone on the street that has smoked a joint versus someone who has been drinking hands down.


learn how to spell marijuana before you write an essay on it which, by the way, makes no sense at all.

BoB, Jackson


Steve, Clovis

All those that are so quick to condemn this statement must be smoking skunk!

concerned citizen, I pay my taxes



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