C. E. M. Joad Quote

“In the most civilized and progressive countries freedom of discussion is recognized as a fundamental principle.”

~ C. E. M. Joad

The Recovery of Belief, 1952

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siddart, chennai

''in schools and colleges students must survive and fight for their own individual rights''

Mike, Norwalk

I’m not quite sure how to rate this. Words and concepts would first have to be defined for the reading audience. By example: Is the term “civilized” used to describe a contradistinction to barbarous or savage acts, or simply and uniquely as a state of society reduced to order and regular government. Using the conjunctive “and”, describes civilized and progressive as existing within the same class or type. Is progressive merely describing a forward or onward advancement, development, improvement or movement; or, socialism’s austere advancement or increase of a royal journey, marked by extent of severity. Hitler, Mao and Stalin all had what could be described as societies reduced to order and regular government with progressive classes, types and forms of socialism. Most descriptively, the sovereign individuals hiring servants for a body politic – inclusive of the de jure States united, ordered peace, inalienable rights and liberty while never considering an order reduction or a regular state of limiting governors.


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