Carl RogersCarl Rogers, (1902-1987) American psychologist

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“The issues can be stated very briefly: Who will be controlled? Who will exercise control? What type of control will be exercised? Most important of all, toward what end or purpose, or in the pursuit of what value, will control be exercised?”

Carl RogersCarl Rogers
~ Carl Rogers

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Mike, Norwalk

As a stand alone quote its not much more than a general outline, fairly accurate in its premise, and sorta the starting place to where the real quote will come from come.

Susan, Tucson

If you know who Carl Rogers is, it makes a lot more sense.

Joe, Rochester, MI

But control is what the government is there for.

Tom, New Castle, PA

Previous comments demonstrate the general ignorance of the population. Control is not what governmetnis for - at least based onnthe founders vsion in America. Government's only real legitimate purpose is to prevent controll of the masses - by anyone! It is far more than a general quote -it is the starting point of determining honest freedom for all. It is the essence of a free country. Trying rto controll everything is why we are onn the verge of economic collapse, spending like a drug addict and fighting unnecessary wars.

Ken, Allyn, WA

Govern is synonymous with control. The less moral, self-controlled, and considerate a population is, the more government is required to control humanity's baser instincts. It is in the interest of governments to create a population of selfish, childish citizens because that makes government more necessary and the jobs of politicians and bureaucrats more justified. It is the reason those who love government hate religion, freedom, and responsibility.

Mike, Norwalk

The occupying statist theocracy infesting this land with its swamp rats is currently demonstrating the accuracy of this sound bite. The type of control is over commerce and religion that is not part of the demonic collective.


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