Carl SaganCarl Sagan, (1934-1996), Astro-physicist

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“There is a lurking fear that some things are not meant “to be known,” that some inquiries are too dangerous for human beings to make.”

Carl SaganCarl Sagan
~ Carl Sagan

Broca’s Brain, 1979

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Anonymous, Reston, VA US

And we must face our fears too.

Joe, Rochester, MI

The government would have us believe any inquiry of legislators is not meant to be known.

Me Again
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Me Again    8/10/05

Hmmm.....To this quote,I would say Yes and No.

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RobertSRQ    11/8/07

...and one is that this planet is on a self-destruct mode without any sight of the abort switch - another may be, why does America create/support dictatorships?

J Carlton, Calgary

I think the lurking fear is from those in power. There are enquiries they don't want us human beings to make. Such as how much of what they are telling us is a lie? In the age of instant communication the truth gets out and spreads very quickly. Dangerous? Yes. Dangerous to the regime and its corporate buddies that is....

E Archer, NYC

All too true for the masses. Organized religion comes to mind... among other myths treated as fact. Funny how the study of astronomy has been condemned over the eons -- imagine the 'danger' it poses -- just ask Galileo or even Carl Sagan...

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    Anonymous    11/8/07

    For more on religious beliefs and politics check out:

    Jean, Pottsville, PA

    Spoken with truth - understood with fear - knowing the danger.

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      Anonymous    11/8/07

      Union Jack by anonymous concerns the British use of religion to enslave the world. It deserves much attention. The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry stated in The New Age, Sep. 1950 that their god "is dedicated to the unification of all races, religions and creeds." With their religion based on unfulfilled prophecy. I'd say they are quite successful at imposing their religion on the world. Not ONE verse in the Bible says Jesus will come IN OUR FUTURE but I think most preachers preach that.

      warren, olathe

      Man from outer space. Bulions and bulions of light years out there.

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        Anonymous    3/1/09

        Generally I agree with Sagan, and I think that there's not much that's too dangerous for human beings to know... unless we have inquiries like, "Hmm, I wonder how many people it's possible to kill in one day?"

        jim k, Austin, Tx

        I like what E Archer said.

        Mike, Norwalk

        The here extract of a Sagan's statement only references a certain peoples' lurking fear of dangerous decisions. He gave no should or shouldn't do.

        watchman 13, USA

        Truer than you can comprehend , fear is a very good indicator. Science moves closer to the door. The face of the deep is frozen and is hid as with a stone. Job. Many things are made to play in the deep.


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