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“Every child in America who enters school at the age of five is mentally ill, because he comes to school with an allegiance toward our elected officials, toward our founding fathers, toward our institutions, toward the preservation of this form of government that we have. Patriotism, nationalism, and sovereignty, all that proves that children are sick because a truly well individual is one who has rejected all of those things, and is truly the international child of the future.”

~ Dr. Chester Pierce

quoted in _Educating For The New World Order_, 1973

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et, San Bernardino

Truth is Truth. It can't be denied.

Bruno, River Forest

Nothing is so vile as this insipid collectivist drivel. This is a one pargraph synopsis of everything that is wrong with our schools. The "international child of of the future" Mr. Pierce pines for is a mindless worker bee who does the bidding of his masters. A truly evil quote with a truly evil goal.

Lennie, Round Lake Beach

It's a good thing Pierce lives in America where he can espouse such views and not be immediately jailed or killed. He should thank every American who he thinks is mentally ill for this right.

Columcille, Sewanee

I see how it is. I disagree with the esteemed Mr. Pierce and the pundit from San Berdoo, so I'm 'mentally ill'. Well news for you both - I'm a teacher and I am NOT working to create the international child of the future. I'm working on creating dissidents in the mold of Jefferson, Franklin, Lee and all the nobles who forced King John to sign on the dotted line.

Stu, Austin

Ain't affirmative action wonderful?

Anonymous, Sacramento

Dr. Chester M. Pierce is insane.

freedom fighter, the promised land

This line of deranged thinking is what sends shivers down the spine of every mother living in the land of the free. I homeschool all my children and instill in them the love of God, country, family and all that can contribute to building positive character traits. I would like to think I have guided them enough to think for themselves, be good examples of service, and to be able to stand up for truth and righteousness; what every parent and American citizen should do. My hope and prayer is that more people wake up to what is really happening in the U.S. of A, right under our noses. People like Pierce are wolves in sheep's clothing. Let's not have OUR CHILDREN become pawns to his evil views.

Kimberly G. Mitcham, Las Animas, CO

Ridiculous. Public Schools need a complete re-do if our kids are going to learn anything. What an idiot.

Eric, Wichita

Mentally ill. Yeah, right. Wait here while I call someone that can help you....

E Archer, NYC

LOL. Talk about MENTAL! (What child even KNOWS what a founding father is?) I suppose believing in Santa Claus is also a sign of mental illness. But this quote seems to jive with the current idea that a great number of children in the public school system are 'sick' thus they are drugged and injected or kicked out of school. Talk about sick...

Jonathan, Dallas

No one seems to realize that this quote is more than 30 years old. The real fear is not that there is a drive to undermine and eliminate nationalism, pride and sovereignty but that it's been at work on our children for so many years.

patriot1776, 48375

I have said it for many years, "The government schools are dumbing-down our youth and the totally, controlled media maintains that dumbing-down and just look at what the so-called 'baby-boomers' are creating."

warren, olathe

The quote maybe 30 years old but it takes that long for a thought process to become generally accepted. This process is clearly rampant in our schools today. Our schools have become nothing more than re-education camps for the socialist utopia of tomorrow. This was an Orwellian statement that is being brought to fruition and must be countered. Great quote to educate one in the mindset of the American left.

Mike, Norwalk

ok, so I'm smiling. I'm not sure but, I think I've read somewhere that liberalism, structured under socialism is a disease and the author's stated disease is progressive. So the kids aren't as ill as the teachers that infect them. The longer the association with the disease, the less likelihood of a recovery to moral and right minded thinking ;-)

Dana, Lincoln

Look at what UNESCO has for education...and the much coveted International Baccalaureate program. The institutions are slowly catching up with the philsophy.

Pittsburgh Vince, SIXburgh, PA

I am a baby boomer (1950) who somehow escaped this liberal line of "re-education." In one class we sang this song ad nauseum, so it stuck with me: "Great Washington, O to be a worthy son to thee! / To hear the clarion call of home and country over all / And to answer it like you." Shmaltz, yes. Propaganda, yes. But so much better than the morally relativistic crap that has been taught ever since. We must resist and reverse the deconstruction of American values and keep teaching our children that LIBERTY is the solution to the human condition. Begin by turning off the children's TV and get them out of the public (government) schools!



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Anonymous    2/25/09

In some ways I agree with what this quote has to say, because I don't think people should be blindly faithful to anything; they should be able to back their feelings logically, rather than with propaganda. However, I don't think well-informed nationalism and patriotism is necessarily a bad thing, as long as it doesn't lead to arrogance, imperialism, or prejudice.

Anonymous, Virginia

The government schools CANNOT be reformed, which is why the only solution to eduction is a return to privately , parentally, and locally controlled education, the same way it was at our founding.We have homeschooled for 25 years.

RosheaR, Arkansas, USA

Does Dr. C. P. think maybe he is the one insane and we the rest are sane? I think he is close to receiving his degree in straight jacket real soon.

AChataman, Oregon

If, you've actually read Dr. Pierce and put this quote in the context of his larger body of work, Navy Commanders who study extreme environments, and deduce what makes you go bonkers in Antarctica...It ain't no sun for months, or 100 degrees below zero, that gets you...its the little things around you. He then draws the corollary that being black in America is like being in Antarctica...it isn't being lynched, redlined, being James Byrd'ed, Rodney Kinged, Emmett Till'd or Mary Turner-ed that gets to you...Its the little microaggressions, micro-insults, far more frequent and normalized that gets to you. He's basically saying American Racism and White Supremacy is so endemically normalized, that every child entering school in America is in effect mentally ill, because they do not have the language, social, scientific literacy, or cultural skills to operate on an international scale. As in Africa where it is considered normal to be able to speak easily 3 - 7 languages, to be able to do advanced mathematics like calculus, in your head, because your country's economy can't afford calculators, so you do calculus in your head...and you accept the fact that talent and leadership can come in forms other than a wealthy monolingual white male. Even 30 years ago, it was obvious that that the link between nationalism, patriotism, were linked to racism...unless you think the cousins of the Klan, the Nazi's, the John Birch Society, the Militias, are the only patriots. That only white people, can be patriots. The movie Avatar is this American attitude writ large...we need the 20 million dollar a kilo rocks, under the blue monkey's tree, and the monkey's had better move or die... murder and genocide of the indigenous are unfortunate precursors to progress... and you think this is normal? Liberty and Justice for All? All men are created equal, does not mean the same as All My Relations. Jefferson did not mean liberty and justice for all human beings...just rich white guys are the only human beings...it took blood and war...for people to get a semblance of equal rights. South Africa's Constitution looks better than ours in terms of explicitly outlawing discrimination and supporting 16 official languages. More languages you speak, the more intelligent you are...why would you insist on only one language...and a fairy tale "Columbus sailed the ocean blue, Democracy started with Jefferson or the Greeks, and there was no history on this continent before 1492, or before Jesus... By the way how many armies did Jesus lead? How many people did Jesus say to kill, or did Jesus kill? So the Klan can lynch people on Sunday and still have their sins forgiven? American National Socialists are not considered traitors but patriots? Chester Pierce the Harvard Psychiatrist and Navy Commander is crazy? He's just pointing out the contradictions.

AChataman, Oregon

He's one of the people, myself included that thinks that racism, and internalized racism are forms of mental illness, a species of schizophrenia, with denial, projection, justification, psychotic violent behavior, or self-destructive behavior which goes unpunished, for the former, and encouraged in the latter. Dr. Pierce would say, that you're crazy for believing in White Supremacy, no matter what your race is. (I'm 1/16th white myself, but I can't prove it ;-) The last white person in my genetic line is the lone slaveowner in my 16 great great grandparents...though the one drop rule doesn't apply to white people according to white people. And I can't pass the paper bag test in anycase. One of many contradictions if you know the history, is that Dr. Pierce is not a Communist, he just doesn't believe any one race is superior to all other races. That's not collectivist, its real. It's just as crazy a notion for white people to believe it, as for non-white people to believe it and bleach their skin, straighten and blond their hair and thin their noses, and believe in the mythology that Liberty and Justice means you too. If blood be the price of patriotism, Black people have fought in every war that America has fought, even before there was an America, to help make an America. Yet, as an example when Black Soldiers get lynched in uniform during wartime in the streets of New York City, as well as Mississippi. Four commanders in chief make no statement to the American People that lynching black soldiers is unpatriotic and will be punished as treason and aiding the enemy, which in the case of the Germans, and Russians, also believed in White Supremacy. Funny, it takes a communist...Ho Chi Minh, to speak out against the barbarous practice of lynching...while Woodrow Wilson, made no such statement, even endorsing Birth of A Nation as the best movie ever made. So a communist speaks out about lynching, but the commander in chief says not one f-ing word. Robeson, and Einstein, and others sign a petition to Truman to have him publicly denounce lynching in general, and for black soldiers in particular, and he refuses to see them Einstein included. It wasn't communists who bombed the 16th Street Baptist church in Bombingham...it was the Klan...oh but they're patriots...not the soldiers fighting the Nazi's and Japanese to keep ya'll free, who dare to think that because they fought for their country in a foreign land, they can walk on the segregated sidewalk, not have to drink out of a faucet while the white people get to drink from refrigerated fountains...they believe that the uniform and service to their country means that the thanks of a grateful nation trumps the color of their skin...and they paid the ultimate price, not at the hands of an enemy, but a the hands of citizens, and law enforcement who either participate or look the other way... So we elected officials that ignore the fact that black people had the vote starting in 1866...but could get killed for exercising it...so when we try to use the international courts to charge the U.S. with crimes against humanity, and genocide...they invoke national sovereignty...again the triumph of racism over the rule of law....don't even try invoke the Obama post-racial mythology, because I don't believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, any more than a black president will make it all better...just because he's black...puleeze...this is America...it don't believe in the audacity of hope...no we're the greatest country in the world...land of the free with more people behind bars than China or Russia, homeless vets, and suffering little children...Katrina...Tuskeegee... I'm trying to believe in an America that doesn't exist yet...an America that won't exist..unless we work like Morpheus to free our minds from the Matrix of Domination...

Gene W, Montana

AChataman: Do I understand you correctly? Are you equating children being unable to speak several languages with mental illness? If you are, that statement is insane. There seems to be an assumption that every child born in America comes from a racist family and is bigoted. That is utter garbage. It is one reason I have such contempt for leftists. I have no desire whatsoever to become part of an international government or to join Americans who refuse to acknowledge the tremendous improvement in racial matters made by this country. As an American of African descent I certainly am aware of the hideous racial history of my country. I am also aware that leftists who have always worked to destroy America use public education to keep my people aggrieved and angry about the past. Frankly, I don't think the primary motivation of leftists has anything to do with "saving" minorities. It has to do with control and the destruction of America. I say never mind what happened in the past. No! It is not necessary to forget the past, just move forward. The day black kids can graduate with basic skills and a desire to build a future for themselves is the day the left is out of business.

intelectuallysimple, Atlanta

Gene W. Montana, it took you 9 lines to both preserve the magnificent truths of AChatman and expose the true nature of Pierce simultaneously ... if we all could do more meshin' of minds and thought content, without the tangles of individual E - motions that run us into the devilishly tempted ditches, we could contemplate the puzzlized picture with not just calculus in the mind but with maybe another of the natural 59,999 other math books in here. We might see our way into makn' an indestructable coble-stone roadway ... maybe free our way through another key-hole. I'll see your basic-skilled future and raise you a world of cleared-thoughts.

Dragon Lady, Jones

In which country in the continent of Africa do people do "calculus in their heads?" Where ever that is, explains why they are such a well-known world leader in the math and sciences (to say nothing of their humanitarian efforts for the rest of their continent) snark. Make no mistake, American education has been dumbed down the point of semi-illiteracy for the masses - the globalists like it that way - makes the rabble easier to control.

Jim, Annapolis

Columcille - It was King George, and he signed nothing. Chester Pierce was an idiot, but you need to learn American History. I hope you don't teach that!

Beatrice, St. Louis

Brilliant, Ahead of his time. Some people still are choosing to take the blue pill.

Teacher, L.A.

Everyday I am a bit more mortified that I am a teacher. I have seen the destruction of individual thinkers(Teachers and Students) and the adoption of immoral practices that look much like "tracking" from the 60's. Protect our children.

Edd, Fort Worth

This quotation is not about the virtues of patriotism, it is about its rejection. This result would be more suited to searches for quotations relating to "Anti-Patriotism" or "One World Order".

JDH, San Jose

A hater of American exceptionalism, pure and simple. What nonsense! What utter drivel! How can anyone espouse such complete idiocy. Dr. Indeed. It's quite amazing that anyone takes these ravings of a lunatic seriously. I guess I'll just never understand the left.

Anonymous, Hartford

Hey Original Anonymous: Love your witty analysis of Chester Pierce's comment. Your response is so insightful that I intent to use it in an article I'm writing for The Socialist magazine. Keep an eye out for Issue #3.

Anonymous, Hartford


Origin of Specious, San Francisco

'On the ravings of a lunatic,' as someone has posted, the Pierce is only one of many whose mentally has infiltrated schools.  Hinduism, witchcraft, occult etc. are allowed in even elementary levels, but the God of the Bible isn't.  (Btw, another of Pierce's mentally ill quotes targets the belief in a Deity to also be a sign of mental illness.

Thomas Jefferson

Thank you Internet for creating aloud speaker for the uneducated masses.


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