Justice Clarence ThomasJustice Clarence Thomas, (1948- ) U.S. Supreme Court Justice

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“Government cannot make us equal; it can only recognize, respect, and protect us as equal before the law. That [affirmative action] programs may have been motivated, in part, by good intentions cannot provide refuge from the principle that under our Constitution, the government may not make distinctions on the basis of race.”

Justice Clarence ThomasJustice Clarence Thomas
~ Justice Clarence Thomas

Adarand v. Federico Pena

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cal, Lewisville, tx

Equal opportunity does not guarantee equal outcome.

Mike, Norwalk

I'm not quite sure how to rate this. On the Quote's face, it would be 100 plus stars. BUT ! Coming from Thomas, what was really meant (government being alien and superior to any individual would demand a thumb's down) ? I guess 5 stars will do

Ronw13, Yachats Or

Then why do they uphold Affirmative action programs ? Seeing they are a sham. Private agendas .

vedapushpa, Bangalore-India

Government 'affirmative action' concept is an excercis in futility because as in the name of bringing in 'political equality' it gets on only to give the existing social divisions some political count thereby surely FRUSTRATING the natural possibility of a social harmony amidst them. And as to its preferences of promoting the so-termed 'disadvantaged' social groups it is highly arbitrary and not based on any natural factor as in that of class/caste or domicile divisions.

Ronw13, OR
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Ronw13, OR    7/9/18

"Guard the people against the dangers, of good intentions." 
" Make them intelligent and they will be vigilant "
Daniel Webster 
Equality before the law, is not and should never be a Respecter of persons ! non-bias force is the intent. Great quote !
When individual "unprivileged" sovereigns are melded together with that "person" of corp privilege, the unknowing unprivileged sovereign, becomes a pawn used for plunder. seeing he is ignorant of "corp privilege" and the benefit of such favor. That so-called level playing field of original intent becomes lost to the siege. This is the gross neglect of our Declaration and Constitution, through/by the courts, who have become bias toward the unprivileged sovereign individual, and their secured property and person. 

Tony, Maryland

"...the government may not make distinctions on the basis of race.”
Thomas makes the correct statement but our government ignores it.  Race is a determinate in hiring, issuing contracts, loans, school admissions.  All they have done is changed the race of the victims but our government is blatantly racist.

Mary, MI
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Mary, MI    7/9/18

Justice Clarence Thomas is absolutely correct.
It's just sickening that the government bureaucrats do not follow these very wise words.


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