Condoleezza Rice Quote

“We need a common enemy to unite us.”

~ Condoleezza Rice

March 2000

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Jr71749, Lennox, Ca

Didn't Joseph Goebbels say the same thing?

Murph, Modesto

(Americans are becoming united Connie, we do have a common enemy, our own federal government)

J Carlton, Calgary

Spoken like the truly psychotic, evil witch that she is.

J Carlton, Calgary

PS, Murph is right. But toss in the UN and the Federal Reserve for good measure.

E Archer, NYC

How about the Federal Reserve? Funny how the Occupy Wall Street crowd does not manage to follow the money to the source of the financial meltdown.

murralikrishna sa, india

true with every nation and people, in the current situation

Mike, Norwalk

One of the fundamental mantras of socialist Amerika (left and right)

Anonymous, San Antonio Tx

Nurph of Modesto hit the nail onthe head.... seems the common enemy, at this time, is our own federal government.. Texas Buckeye

keegan k, lolo

people dont hate it makes more sence than Bush would have said it !!


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