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“Compare this [U.S. taxation] to the plight of medieval serfs. They only had to give the lord of the manor a third of their output and they were considered slaves. So what does that make us.”

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Mike, Norwalk

So that makes most, religionist degenerates of slavery.

J Carlton, Calgary

By the time you pay income tax, state tax, sales tax...70% of your income goes to taxation. Yep! we're slaves.

jim k, Austin, Tx

This is not to mention the taxes we pay when we buy a loaf of bread , .the cost of which constitutes a good deal of the taxes levied through every phase of producing the bread.

Cal, Lewisville, TX

Remember Jim when great governor Price Daniel began our state sales tax at two cents on the dollar. WOW how cancer grows.

Mary - MI
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Mary - MI    9/23/13

Mike, Norwalk - Very asinine broad brush and idiotic statement of which I would and could reach the opinion that you are making an all out attempt to create division instead of unity for the fight to restore this nation's Limited Government Republic..

Matthew, Peoples Republik of Kalifornia

Since Freedom = Slavery... that makes us more free* than serfs!

Mike, Norwalk

Mary, that was not my intent or attempt. My statement was somewhat based on frustration, most everybody talks a good game but does nothing about it. It has been my experience that the government puts out FAR ! ! ! more mis-information and anti-law religious dogmas than it does truth, fact or accurate information. To the last sentence of the quote; "So what does that make us.", what do you say we are ? Do you stand up in your inalienable sovereignty and not participate in the slave master's extraction of the noble laborer's fruits? What does that make you ? (are you a slave due to fear ?) Do you participate in the slave master's stolen booty (welfare, SS, etc.) ? If you do, what does that make you ? I'm not trying to divide. I'm trying to explain the hard facts that slaves are unwilling to accept so that we can once again move united in returning to a free nation of laws where each sovereign and his inalienable rights are recognized in those individual sovereign's most noble state.

E Archer, NYC

The road to serfdom is wide and well traveled.

Ronw13, Yachats OR

Narrow is the walk at Liberty, Honesty the armor of light, that shines upon that true path. By the Creators Mercy Liberty is granted to All, it is the dupe of religious secs that divide by putting a dollar price to comply with said religious laws. That to the contrary, are taken out of the way by separation of church and state. Such as with England's taxation to give to the church. not to mention Which Denomination would enact such Oppression upon its poor servant slaves. ! Unity At Liberty must be taught in the congregation of the church as well as the state pulpit. Which now and has been preaching socialism for a long time. One must hit the unseen target as well as the seen. True Liberty to be taught and preached relies upon Free Will of the individual to support such an association. We DO NOT pass the plate around and cry 10% justifiable by Any Law ! Relying only upon God's natural laws to provide the need for his Truth of Liberty to be taught, unrestricted. Homologoumenos. Without controversy, convictions of FACT. the mystery of corruption begins in the church which extends itself to the government unless Checked ! We had Liberty, so WHO took it away, is the question Christians should ask themselves of their own denominational secs. Whether just or not to pay tribute for Liberty and Freedom already given by the Creator and not by man. " When a man is paid for existing and no man must pay for his sin ". Kipling

Ronw13, Yachats OR

Teaching of True Liberty is offensive to some. for it is contrary to their outward appearance, though their thoughts they think are not seen. " O ye sons of men, how long will ye turn my glory into shame ? how long will you love vanity, and seek after leasing ? " Psalm 4:2 KJB He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches. Rev 3:13. KJB


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