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“Aside from the most committed libertarians, few Americans would list a lack of freedom in their lives as their most pressing concern. That is not to deny that militant leftism, the administrative state, and the imperial judiciary threaten liberty—they most emphatically do. Nor is it to argue that conservatives should not care for liberty. Rather it is to recognize that the average American, including the average Republican voter, is not a libertarian, has come to expect quite a lot from the federal government, and cares as much, if not more, about security than liberty (or opportunity for that matter, unless he is young and on the make).”

~ David Azerrad

A fusionist ‘conservatarian’ GOP must now also accommodate Trumpism. Part II in a series., The Amercan Spectator, 10/16/2017

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Mike, Norwalk

So accurate. The patrons of the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land (left / right, Democrat / Republican, progressive / neocon, liberal / conservative, etc.) have replace freedom with materialism, liberty with tyranny called security, a republican form of body politic with slavery and pursuit of the laws of nature and of nature's God with demonic canons.

E Archer, NYC

America is based on Liberty. It was the switch from pyramid hierarchy to independent and local hierarchies. An American is a sovereign person, free and clear from any claims or obligations not agreed upon. He/She is born free -- no debts or obligations can be placed on the new born. Being responsible for his/her own security and prosperity, the common 'man' works to provide for themselves and their community. But an association of sovereigns does not diminish the individuals' status and responsibilities.

We either hang together or hang separately, because apparently the battle for the common man's liberty is continuous. Every trick in the book is attempted to con the responsible person to mis-identify who he/she is, to confuse and subjegate the mind, to instill fear -- shock and awe -- to turn him/her into an animal, a beast of burden, or obedient sheep.

The Libertarian is not a victim of being born, even if born into oppression. It is his purpose to BE and face what there is to face. Just who do you think you are? ;-)


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