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“The only protection of every citizen from such deprivation of rights is a strict adherence to the Bill of Rights by everyone for everyone. This should be self-evident but the danger of erosion of rights stems largely from the fact that so many citizens of the majority, who have never been deprived of any of these rights, find it difficult to understand what the deprivation of them means in the lives of others.”

~ Earl Warren

"A Republic, If You Can Keep It", p. 48

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Mike, Norwalk

50 stars for the statement. Thumbs down for the sleeeze that laid the foundation for the taking away of all rights.

Logan, Memphis, TN

Absolutely spot on -- Very well said.

jim k, austin

I believe that Warren was appointed to the court by Eisenhower who later said that it was the biggest mistake he ever made.

E Archer, NYC

If we don't exercise our rights, how can we say we have them? This is the inherent problem with collectivism -- the individual is considered a danger while the collective can trample whatever they may because everyone is doing it so it must be OK. Herd mentality.

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RobertSRQ    7/11/08

Apathy is rampant and it will be the death of the constitution - we must rise up and leave the words in the desk.

warren, olathe

Sounds good but I doubt that he meant it like I would if I had said it. He was instrumental in screwing up the court. Much of the problems we have with today's court system started during his watch. I do not believe he is speaking of individual rights but of "group" rights. Lets face it if individual rights are protected there is no need for "group" rights.

Me Again
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    Me Again    7/15/08

    I agree with the 1st sentence of this quote.The 2nd sentence isn't necessarily true. It's most likely partially true but I wouldn't make a blanket statement like the 2nd sentence.


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